Which sizes do you recommend for a rotary glass plate ?

For a 60-cm rotary glass plate, your table should be at least 1.20 m long or wide. 20 cm more is the ideal size for an 80-cm rotary glass plate.


May I set pots and frying pans on the rotary glass plate?

The material of our rotary glass plates is high-quality shatterproof glass. Just take any hot vessels right out of the oven and put them on the rotary hlass plate. The rotary glass plate resists temperatures up to 300 °C … your oven does not get that hot at all.


How do I take care of my rotary glass plate?

Simply clean the upside of the rotary glass plate with customary household cleaners. You should use a soft sponge or cloth. Printed rotary glass plates carry the motive on the underside. Use only a damp soft sponge for the underside of printed models .


Can I clean the rotary glass plate in the dishwasher?

No, because the ball bearing of the rotary glass plate must not become wet!


I would like to use my rotary glass plate outdoors. May I?

The glass rotary plates may also be used outdoors. You should not expose the glass rotary plates to full sunlight, however, nor to extended moisture, cold or frost.


Does it make sense if I keep the packaging of my rotary glass plate during the warranty period?

While your cancellation right and the warranty time apply, we absolutely recommend to keep the packaging and the filling of the package. Both are fitted to the glass rotary plates to help avoid damage during transport. The original packaging can also be of use when moving!


How big and heavy is the delivered packaging?

Rotary glass plate 60 cm - cardboard size approx. 67 x 68 x 7 cm, gross weight 10.26 kg; rotary glass plate 80 cm - cardboard size approx. 88 x 86 x 7 cm, gross weight 16.18 kg


Can I use the full surface of the glass rotary plates?

We commonly deliver rotary glass plate with a diameter of 60 cm or 80 cm. The entire surface area may be put to use.


May I disassemble the glass rotary plates?

No, because then you would lose your statutory warranty claims.


Is a repair service available for the rotary glass plate?

Since our glass rotary plates are made of materials that are free of wear and consist of very few parts, there is commonly no repair service needed. Contact us in case of any problems, please.


Is the ball bearing of the glass rotary plates exchangeable?

The glass rotary plates have 2 ball bearings which are replaceable. Only our service workshop should do that, however. An all-inclusive fee of 35 € plus forwarding expenses is charged unless warranty claims are attested.


How heavy may I load the rotary glass plate?

The ball bearings are designed to withstand an evenly distributed load of 20 kg. So many dishes you will hardly want to place. Do not pull and push any objects across the glass surface, however, to avoid scratches, especially from heavy objects. Treat the plate like you treat your Ceran plate.


Area of delivery - to where will the items be delivered?

We deliver by UPS throughout Europe (except for islands. Please, inquire for separate information).

For deliveries abroad, please, ask about the forwarding expenses before. Consequential costs like duties or import sales tax may also occur which you might have to pay in addition.