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Our Products

Our glass rotary plates are made of shatterproof glass. During its making it is heated to more than 600 degrees and then cooled abruptly. As a result, this glass has a higher push and blow resistance. If it breaks under high load, it disintegrates into small bits that do not leave any sharp edges. As a result, the risk of injury is much lower than with standard float glass.

By default, we deliver the glass rotary plates 10 mm thick and in diameters ranging from 600 to 1200 mm. Printed glass rotary plates carry the motives on the underside. The printing is therefore permanent.

The rotatable inner part is made of aluminium and plastic and is free of wear.

Maintenance instructions:

The top sides of the glass rotary plates may be cleaned only with common, non-aggressive household cleaners, ideally using a soft sponge or cloth.

The undersides of our printed models should be cleaned only with a soft sponge or cloth, damp and not too wet. Do not use detergent.

The rotatable inner part of the rotary glass plate may not become wet!

Do not pull or push objects across the top surface, to avoid scratches. That much of care extends the service life of your rotary glass plate.

The glass rotary plates may be used outdoors but should not be exposed to longer periods of full sunlight, rain or cold and frost.


Which size of our glass rotary plates do you need?

In general, the glass rotary plates can be used on every table of every shape. Round tables are best suited, however, because the distance between the edge and the rotary glass plate is everywhere the same. Please, observe the following:

- Round table

The size of the rotary glass plate plus 60 cm defines the whole diameter of the table that you should use. On every side of the rotary glass plate, you need at least 30 cm of free place to place a dish or plate there. This means that, for a rotary glass plate with a diameter of 60 cm, you need a table with a diameter of at least 120 cm.

- Square table

In this case, you need a table whose sides measure at least 120 cm for a rotary glass plate of 60 cm in diameter.